Latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advice

Following the latest instructions from the Government we have no alternative but to close the courts at Crowthorne Tennis Club for the foreseeable future.  Hopefully, in three weeks’ time when the Government reviews the situation, the rules will be relaxed and we can resume play.  Therefore, the guidelines below have been left in place so that we can be reminded of them when play does eventually resume.

The LTA’s latest advice for Venues can be seen by clicking here.

With the latest government edict closing all club, pubs and restaurants, the LTA have now said all tennis clubhouses and similar social facilities should be closed as soon as possible. Obviously very sensible advice but ironic, when you think about it, with our own clubhouse yet to open for business!  However, if you read further it also says closure of all social spaces at a venue, including changing and toilet facilities.   I don’t know how “social” other tennis clubs’ toilets are but I have queried this since toilets usually include washing facilities and we wouldn’t want those to be put out of bounds.  Unless determined otherwise by a higher authority the toilets in the Pavilion will continue to be accessible to members of the tennis club.

Meanwhile, at Crowthorne Tennis Club we now have Outdoor Washing Facilities next to court 1.  Please let a committee member know if we’re running out of soap or, better still, bring up a fresh bar next time you come to the club.  Please don’t leave the tap running too long while you’re using it otherwise it’ll become a quagmire, and please ensure it is turned off when you have finished.  You will need to provide your own towel.

Click here for the latest advice for venues from the LTA.   Some of the advice appears excessive for a small private club – including…

  • Not changing ends between during play
  • A buffer period between court bookings

We have all learnt a new term recently – Social Distancing – and this and not touching your face before washing your hands would appear to be the most important for us to remember to observe.

As far as playing tennis at Crowthorne Tennis Club is concerned, there are some simple steps you can take in order to minimise risk, although any risk of playing tennis outdoors is minimal to start with…

  • Don’t come to the club if you have any of the symptoms listed here – NHS advice
  • Elbow bumps instead of handshakes at the end of the set – the rest of the time maintain social distancing as well as you can
  • Since this is also the season when a number of us have colds and sniffles, if you can’t get to your tissue/handkerchief fast enough, cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow
  • As we all handle the tennis balls we’re playing with, avoid touching your face – you probably don’t realise you do this most of the time – and wash your hands as soon as possible
    • We now have a tap and soap next to court 1.
  • A member, not sure who, has left a spray bottle with diluted bleach by the gate and this can be used to clean the gate handle and net handles before play.

Feedback from two retired medical professionals at the club range from…

  • There is no problem as long as you just play tennis with no physical contact and avoid coughing or sneezing near others, to…
  • Bring along a bag with hand-gel, soap and a bottle of water so that you can sanitize your hands between sets and on leaving the courts – this is particularly important if you have familiy members at home who are in an at-risk category.

If you can bring along hand-gel to sanitize between sets, it would seem to be a good idea.  After the initial rush, you may be able to find somewhere that has it in stock.

Another sensible suggestion is to find a way of choosing who plays next in a club session which doesn’t involve one member handling all the rackets.  Suggestions please!