LTA Registration

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Crowthorne Tennis Club was a Tennismark accredited tennis venue and this area is a repository for documents collected and generated to support Tennismark/Tennismark+ accreditation.

However, from 1 October 2018, the LTA ended the Tennismark club accreditation scheme and introduced the Minimum Registration Standards which replicates many of the most important aspects of the Tennismark criteria in helping registered tennis venues to be safe, welcoming and inclusive.

From 1 Octoer 2019 a 6th Standard – Coaching Safeguarding Standards was added.

Standard 1 – Safeguarding Policy and Procedures
Our Safeguarding Policy Statement and Safeguarding Whistleblowing Policy are displayed on our clubhouse noticeboard.   These and more detailed policies are available below under Policies and Procedures.

Standard 2 – Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Procedures
This is available below entitled CTC Equality and Diversity Policy under Policies and Procedures.

Standard 3 – Welfare Officer
Details of our Welfare Officer, including contact details, are displayed on our clubhouse noticeboard.   This is also available below under Policies and Procedures.

Standard 4 – Criminal Record Checks
All our Coaches and the Welfare Officer have a satisfactory criminal record check.

Standard 5 – Risk Assessment
Our venue and its facilities are subjected to a Risk Assessment check at least once a year.   The latest one entitled CTC Current Risk Assessment is available below under Policies and Procedures.  Completion of this qualifies our venue for Employer’s Liability Insurance and 3rd Party Liability Insurance through the LTA.  Certificates for these insurance policies are available on the Health & Safety page of this website.

Standard 6 – Coaching Safeguarding Standards
From 1st October 2019, all Level 3-5 coaches operating at our venue will be LTA Accredited.

Clicking on documents marked with a black ‘information’ icon to open or download to your computer. Documents marked with the red ‘lock’ icon are available to committee members in the Committee Area. Documents marked orange ‘user’ icon are available to all members in the Members’ Area. All downloadable files are in Adobe PDF format.

All club members also have access in the Members’ Area to the information which was presented at the last AGM.