Annual Tournament

annual tournament

The Crowthorne Tennis Club Championships is an annual tournament organised as round robin and/or knockout rounds.  This year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it starts in July and finals will take place on Sunday 13th September.  How they are run will depend very much on the restrictions in place at the time – if necessary, we will have social distancing measures in place.

Assuming there are sufficient entries, there will be Men’s, Ladies’ and Handicap Singles and Men’s and Ladies’ Doubles events,

Click below for a Tournament Entry Form and the Tournament Rules and read both carefully.


The easiest way to enter is on-line by going to the Members’ Area, selecting the Tournament Entry tab and clicking on the link.   Just add your name to the events you want to enter.  If you haven’t got a partner for the doubles events, put “partner required”.  You’ll also be able to see who has already entered and who is looking for a partner in the doubles events.  The link is in the Members’ Area to prevent anyone who isn’t a member trying to enter the tournament.

Alternatively, print off the PDF entry form, fill it in and send it to the address on the form OR scan or photograph it and email it.

Click here for information on buying balls at £4 a tube.