Health & Safety

A First Aid Box is available in the storage container next to Court one. You can find instant ice-packs here as well. Please inform a committee member if you use the last of any item in the First Aid Box or if you notice something is running out. The key to the storage container is in the key safe on the barbecue outside the far end of Court 1.

Crowthorne Tennis Club is committed to creating and maintaining the safest environment possible for children and young people to participate in tennis.

All those who take part in sport must ensure that anything they do does not cause injury or loss to other people, or damage to property. If they do, they could legally be liable to pay damages, as awarded in a civil court. Tennis is no exception and therefore clubs, players, coaches, officers and officials, umpires and volunteers share a similar responsibility. The following insurance is arranged to protect the sport of tennis and its participants.

  • Public Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Employers Liability
  • Directors & Officers Liability

All Crowthorne Tennis Club members are covered by the LTA liability insurance scheme while playing at Crowthorne Tennis Club or any other LTA affiliated club. Guests, including non-playing guests are also covered as long as their names are recorded in a visitors’ book. Note that members of visiting teams from LTA affiliated clubs are covered by their own club’s insurance.

Individuals who may be interested in joining the club are covered for a maximum of 3 initial “taster sessions”. Their names must be recorded in the visitors’ book and they must become a paid member of the club from their 4th visit, otherwise they will not be covered.

Directors & Officers Insurance covers volunteers or paid employees who have a claim against them for any wrongful act or omission that they commit whilst acting in the capacity of Director or Officer (including committee members) of Crowthorne Tennis Club.

For full details of the insurance provided by the LTA, click on the Certificate of Liability Cover on the right.

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic guests are permitted only as explained in the latest Coronavirus guidelines.
  • A non-member playing as a paying guest of a club member is covered for up to 3 visits provided their name has been entered at the time of playing in the Visitors’ Book and a fee of £2 per visit has been paid.
  • A non-member who is interested in joining the club is covered for a maximum of 3 “taster sessions” provided their name has been entered at the time of playing in the Visitors’ Book.
  • Note that any visitor is expected to become a paid-up member after three visits otherwise they will not be covered by the LTA’s liability insurance.

A Visitors’ Book and an Accident Book are provided in the Clubhouse. If you are unable to access the books in the Clubhouse, Please place details in one of the envelopes provided adjacent to the Post Box outside by the Clubhouse door and place it with any fees due in the Post Box. If this is not possible, please inform a committee member as soon as possible after the event.

In order to be covered by the LTA’s insurance scheme, all visitors’ details must be recorded in the Visitors’ Book. This applies to paying guests of members and prospective members playing in “taster sessions”.

Should any incident occur which might lead to an insurance claim under this policy, all details must be noted down in the Accident Book. This should include date, time, person(s) concerned and witnesses. A committee member should also be notified without delay. Details of incidents involving members of visiting teams from LTA affiliated clubs should also be entered so that there is some supporting evidence should the injured party wish to claim on their own club’s LTA insurance.

All members of Crowthorne Tennis Club and visitors to the club agree to adhere to the LTA’s Rules and Disciplinary Code and also to play tennis in the spirit of the LTA’s Code of Conduct regardless of the nature of the contest. Click on the links on the right of this page to see copies of these.