Buying tennis balls

Since, during the pandemic, there is no stock of club balls for general use we are offering tubes of 4 balls at virtually cost price of £4.

The following is the procedure to follow to buy balls.

  • Member pays by electronic transfer – no cash or cheques
    • to NatWest 60-24-21 A/C No. 91005965 with YOUR NAME as reference
  • Member emails with request including number of tubes
  • Once money is in the bank, Karen informs Member and Dom
  • Member arranges with Dom when to pick up balls
  • Dom notes when Member has received balls

Many thanks to Dom for agreeing to help out with this.  Please limit your purchases to 1 or 2 tubes at a time so that enough are available for all members who require them.

Note that these balls are for members to use on Crowthorne Tennis Club’s courts.  The committee will take a dim view of anyone buying balls to sell on.

Mike Smith
Club Secretary