Court Painting – continued

We’re nearly finished with the court painting and most members who have seen the results agree that they look superb.  Because the contractor changed their paint supplier, it’s a darker shade than last time but we think, in fact, it will be better because any wear should show up less.  We have agreed a good price to re-do the blue on courts 1 & 2, probably 19/20 September, after Finals Day 2, so we will soon have 4 terrific courts.

There was a concern that the new paint was slippery after the rain on Thursday night.  However, the contractor said

Don’t worry, the elasticity within the paint will cure with moisture. Last nights rain will accelerate this process. The surface paint will meet the slip resistance outlined by the LTA in wet and dry conditions.
  Certainly there was no slipperiness on Saturday morning when the courts were dry.