Thursday Night Match Practice

Since the proposed new format for Thursday Night Match Practice was announced in the December newsletter, there have been a number of suggestions for improvements and to make it fairer for all sections of the club.   It’s not always easy to get things exactly right first time so some modifications have been made to reflect the mood of the feedback and hopefully most of you will be happy with these changes.  Further discussions at February’s AGM has led to the following guidelines…

  • Thursday Night Match Practice is now played in 3 40 minute sessions starting at 7:00, 7:40 and 8:20 and is controlled by one or more members of the committee or other members deputising for them; they will decide who plays on which court.  Before then, from 6:00 – 7:00, is a club session run in a similar way to that on Tuesday nights.   The formal regime of match practice is to ensure that a high standard of play is regularly available in order to encourage, in particular, our higher team players to participate in the session. Participants in match practice on Thursday nights will be mainly Regular Team Squad Players.  Other Club Members established as at least intermediate standard are welcome to come along but on the understanding that priority will be given to match practice and providing challenging opposition to match pairs. As well as giving team pairs a chance to practice together before the next match, it will also provide an opportunity for captains to evaluate pairings for the future.
  • Courts will be allocated from 1-4 with those playing matches at the weekend on the lower numbered courts.  The organiser(s) will allocate players not involved in practice for the weekend’s matches into competitive fours on the higher numbered courts.
  • A full tie-break set with full deuces should be normally be played to simulate match conditions and provide a realistic match practice as we recognise that the success of our teams can be a major factor in attracting new members.  However, if it’s particularly busy, silver deuce will be brought in.