Ladies’ Tennis Afternoon

12 enthusiastic ladies came along to the first Ladies Tennis afternoon, post Covid, on Sunday 23 August.  Even the weather played ball – a shower threatened, but in fact it was dry all afternoon, and the wind had dropped – writes Alison Nicholson.

The aim of the afternoon, as always, was to play tennis with people you don’t often play with, but the Covid restrictions meant that this time, only 2 rounds were possible, of one hour each.  This worked quite well though, with some very close contests.  After an hour of play, the winning pair stayed on Court 1, and took on the winning pair from Court 2, though pairs were mixed up again.. Losing pairs moved down a court, and also swapped partners.  The aim is that you actually only play on a court with a maximum of 5 other players all afternoon, thus minimising the risk of transmitting infection.

Several ladies played very well, and were victorious all afternoon, so well played  – you know who you are! – but it was quite hard to keep track of anyone’s score, so I won’t name names, in case I miss someone out…The aim was simply to play tennis, have a bit of fun and mix again in an almost ‘normal’ atmosphere, and helped by Maddy’s lemon drizzle cake, there was a little bit of socialising towards the end!  Thanks to Maddy for baking beforehand…  It was really good to catch up with a few ladies who haven’t been down for a while.

The next session will be held on Sunday 20 September, from 2-4pm.  Places must be booked in advance and to do this you need to go to the Members’ Area where you’ll see a link to Bookings under Ladies tennis afternoon.  Book early to guarantee your place! But also remember to cancel if your plans change – we need to be more formal due to government restrictions, so booking a place is a commitment in these tricky times.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the next one, so put it in your diary now!