Field Repairs

Wednesday 3 June

Two tons of topsoil arrived at 9:30 and a number of volunteers were on hand to barrow it to the damaged areas and continue the good work that had begun a month ago.  This was a different material from last time but, as well as repairing the parts which were not done last time, it was used to improve and stabilise  the existing repairs which have already shown good growth of grass.  Many thanks to all of the helpers.

Saturday 2 May

Many thanks to those members who came along on Saturday to help make repairs to the sports field.  You may remember hearing about the dim lorry driver that drove across the field, instead of following directions to drive round the side, leaving ruts last Autumn while delivering concrete for the base of the new clubhouse.  To reduce costs to the tennis club, Richard organised a working party with strict social distancing to spread top dressing and grass seed across areas of damage.  Many thanks to those who came along to help.