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You can follow progress on building the new clubhouse by clicking on the gallery link above…

A technical fault prevented the floodlights being available quite as soon as we wanted but that has now been resolved and work is proceding on the walls and roof of the building prior to concrete being pumped in to form the floor slab.

It seems the panels are proving to be a lot more time consuming to fit than first envisaged. Rather than delivering panels that actually fit the building shape, Shufflebottom, the supplier, have just provided a number of blank sheets that need to be fabricated into shape. This is particularly true of the front of the building where the panels fit under the overhang. Our builders are having to cut and shape the panels as well as modify the existing steelwork to make it work. Basically, Shufflebottom’s design doesn’t work out-of-the-box.  As an example, just the guttering for the tiny gable took them a full day to build.

After Mark from our builders, M&M, contacted Shufflebottom to see if they were missing a trick, Shufflebottom admitted that they have never designed or constructed a building that has either an overhang or a gable. The chap Mark spoke to admitted they didn’t have much idea as to how it might go together and were relying on our builders to work something out!  Rather than getting frustrated, M&M seem to be very philosophical about the extra work and Mark and Mick are almost enjoying the challenge!