Wimbledon Ticket Ballot

The ballot took place on Thursday evening 21st April.  Each member entering the ballot had a name slip which was folded three times and put in a bag.  Slips were drawn out one at a time with the highest value pair of tickets assigned to the first name drawn out, the next highest to the second name drawn out, and so on.

A reserve list was also drawn in case any of the first 10 were not able to accept their tickets.  Note that members drawn get just one chance for tickets;  if they turn them down, they are then offered to the reserve list.  This gives as many members as possible a chance for tickets.

The final list of winners is below.  Winners will be instructed how to pay for their tickets through the LTA.

Wimbledon Ballot Winners 2016
Thursday 7 July Centre Caroline Atkinson
Tuesday 5 July Centre Mark Callaghan
Wednesday 6 July No 1 Eleanor White
Friday 1 July Centre Karen Smith
Friday 1 July No 1 David Jubb
Wednesday 29 June No 1 Annie Atkins
Monday 27 June Centre Matt Paxton
Tuesday 5 July No 2 Patrick O’Sullivan
Monday 27 June No 2 Ajay Bhatti
Friday 8 July No 1 Daniel Rippon