Spring and Summer Coaching 2020

Spring Coaching

With the decision to close schools, we have  no other option but to cancel the rest of the Junior and Mini coaching sessions.  Money for outstanding classes will be credited to the Summer coaching sessions.  The Easter tennis camps have also been cancelled.

As far as Adult coaching is concerned, because it is easier to ensure adults keep their distance, this will continue for the time being. Currently other clubs are continuing to coach outdoors but not indoors; the LTA advise it is at the coach’s discretion. However, if anyone chooses not to attend they will be credited for next term.

For those who want something for their kids to do the coaching team are continuing to do one to ones and family slots over the next however long so give Dom or Wojtek a bell should you want some fresh air!  Social distancing is easy to do on a tennis court.

Summer Coaching

Summer Coaching starts in April and you can register now to be sure of getting a place.  Courses are 12 lessons long and there’s a break in May for half term.

The registration form is available HEREand includes details of dates, times and costs.

  • Please remember to tick the course you want in the left-hand column as well as the days you want to attend across the row.
  • Discounts are available for…
    • Club Members
    • Registering for 8 lessons or more
Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency, players are asked to complete a registration form to reserve their place on a summer coaching course but not to submit payment. If there should be a delay to the start of the courses, we will ask for payment when the start date is clear. Acceptance will be on a first come first served basis but you must use the registration form.
  • If you turn up for a lesson having not registered and paid, we cannot guarantee a place for you
  • Should the Summer term not happen, those who signed up for the Summer term will automatically be enrolled for the Autumn term.
    • Those who have paid already – credits will be carried over as usual.