Organising the tennis balls

Since we started putting out more new balls at the beginning of the season, we need members to sort out the balls in the clubhouse themselves. At the moment it’s only the club secretary who does this and he doesn’t have time to do it every week. So here’s what needs to be done…

  • If there is no space in the ball racks, they need to be sorted out.
  • Balls no longer with enough pressure or nap for use by adults in club sessions or other play should be put in the bin to the right of the ball racks labelled COACHING.
  • Any balls which are past their useful life should be put in the bin marked RECYCLING – these are sent to a recycling company who pay us 20p per ball.
  • Ball cans/tubes should be put in the 3rd bin after having their lids removed and put into the rubbish bin.
  • The remaining good balls should then be placed in the racks, preferably in sets of the same brand.

Head coach Dom will replenish his adult coaching balls from the COACHING bin and put his worn out balls in the RECYCLING bin.

Balls in the RECYCLING bin need to be removed more often now (because it gets filled up quicker) so it would be useful to have a volunteer to do the job of counting out batches of 200 and sending them to the recycling company.  If you would like to help out by taking on this job, here’s what you need to do…

  • Empty the RECYCLING bin into a black bag (kept under the sink) and take it home.
  • When you have 200 balls, email the recycling company requesting a sack.  This will be delivered by Hermes and it would be useful if you had a safe place for them to put it in case you are out.
  • When the sack arrives, put 200 balls in the sack and secure it as instructed.  Note that we don’t get paid for discoloured, damaged or low pressure (mini/junior) balls so these should not be included.
  • When ready, email the recycling company for a shipping label, stating a safe place where the sack can be found if you are out.  They will reply by email with a PDF shipping label attached stating the date the sack will be collected.
  • Print the shipping label and fold it into quarters so that it fits in the transparent pouch on the sack.
  • On the day of collection, place the sack in the safe place for it to be collected – this will usually be behind a dustbin or bush, at the side of the garage, etc.
  • Hermes will put a card through your letter box to say they have been collected.
  • You will eventually receive an email saying the balls have been received and money paid into the club account.  You should forward this to the club treasurer.

Please contact the club secretary if you think you could take on this job.