New Season’s Subscriptions Overdue

The New Season for membership of Crowthorne Tennis Club started on 1st April so your renewal subscription is now overdue.  You must be a paid up member to continue playing at the club, register for coaching at members’ rates or play in the teams.

Details of what you need to pay and how to do so are shown below.

At the Annual General Meeting on 23rd February, the committee proposed for the second year running a modest 3% increase in subscriptions across the board to take account of the inevitable annual increases in costs. Following a discussion on playing issues, however, which included the topic of ball quality at club sessions, the meeting voted unanimously to add £4 to adult memberships (not including Student/U25) as a contribution towards the cost of providing an extra 4 tubes of new balls on 40 weeks of the season, that is most weeks except when numbers are down or weather affects play.

The headline subscription rates are …

Category 2017/18 – Last Season
2018/19 – New Season
Full senior (25 and over) £175 (3 x £59) £184 (3 x £62)
Off-peak senior (25 and over) £145 (3 x £49) £153 (3 x £51)
Full time student or U25 (19-25) £74 £76
Junior (11-18) £56 £58
Mini (Under 11) £32 £33
Couple 1 £333 (6 x £56) £350 (6 x £59)
Family 2 £404 (6 x £68) £424 (6 x £71)

1 Two full senior members. 2 Two full senior members + two juniors

Details of how to pay are on the Membership Application Form which is available by clicking here.

To find out how much to pay for other family combinations, go to the Subscriptions Calculator by clicking here.

NOTE 1: When paying by installment, payments should be rounded up to the nearest £1.

NOTE 2: There is no need to fill in a Membership Application Form to renew your subscription unless any of your details have changed, although you can put any changes in an email.   However, please make sure that you email the Treasurer (email address on Application Form) to say that you have paid.