Mixed bag of results in Men’s Round 2

Men’s 1 faced Maidenhead 4 in Division 4B on Saturday and lost a total of 11 games in their compehensive victory.  Their  second 4-0 win promises a quick return to a more testing division next year.  John Phillips and James Brennan lost 4 of the 11 games while David Smith playing with David Stone who is more comfortable usually in the 2nds or 3rds lost 7.

Men’s 3 were still playing when the 1sts were packing up and going home having had their tea!  Chris Hughes and Chris Beckingham had a very slow start in the blustery and sunny conditions against vistors Wargrave 3’s Chris Reece and Tony Rudelhoff, losing 1-6 1-6.  Steve Stow and Mike Smith, the Crows’ no. 2s also started slowly against Mark Shaw and Carston Vogt, losing the first set 4-6 before settling down to take the second by the same score and win the decider 6-2.  Smith and Stow came from behind to force a tie-break against Reece and Rudelhoff but lost it 5-7 before running out of steam and losing their 5th set of the afternoon 4-6.  Meanwhile Hughes and Beckingham were beating Shaw and Vogt 6-3 7-5 to ensure a point in a losing draw by 4 sets to 5.

Men’s 2 returned from Peppard having lost against a very strong team in Division 4A.  Our team of John Blatchford, Andy Sayer, Russell Finch and Matt Paxton would have been a match for most teams but evidently not this one who Matt said would have been more at home in Division 2.  Andy Sayer and Jon Blatchford put up a good fight against Andrew Lee and James Franklin but lost 3-6 4-6.  Matt Paxton and Russell Finch were outclassed 6-2 6-0 by Simon Thorpe and Dominic Cusk and it was a similar result for them against Lee and Franklin.  However, Sayer and Blatchford salvaged some pride for the Crows with a spirited fightback after dropping the first set 3-6 to win the 2nd 6-4 but they were unable to take the decider.