Men’s Winter League Round 1

Having presented him with his Men’s Singles trophy a week earlier, Matt Paxton teamed up with James Brennan on Saturday to help Men’s 1 crush local rivals Wokingham 1 4-0 in Division 3 of the Berkshire League.  John Phillips & David Smith started with a 6-3 6-1 annihilation of the Wokingham 1st pair Darren Dunmow & Paul Hancock while Paxton & Brennan were equally ruthless against Alex Soto & Michael Childs, beating them by the same score. Phillips & Smith dismissed Soto & Childs 6-2 6-1 to clinch the 3 points while Paxton & Brennan were having the only real battle of the day, finally winning 7-6 7-5 against Dunmow & Hancock to complete the victory.

Men’s 2 travelled to play Slough in Division 5E and were unlucky to come away with just a point after a close 2-2 draw.  Chris Torkington & Ben Grainger were unlucky to lose 3-6 7-6 0-1 to the home first pair Mohammed Awan & Andy Wilson and Jim Hawes & Peter Lindholm were also beaten 5-7 2-6 in a close match by Robert Meah & Ryan Vittles.  However, the team fought back well in the 2nd round with Torkington & Grainger winning 7-5 6-3 against Meah & Vittles and Hawes & Lindholm winning 4-6 7-6 1-0 against Awan & Wilson.  With the match tied the result came down ro games and it was Slough who got the victory by 46 games to 42

They did better, however, than Men’s 3 who travelled to Windsor to play their 5th team in Division 6W and didn’t win a set.  Two of the team had already experienced the new composition courts and, if anything, the previous rain had speeded them up a bit and made the bounce a bit more like that on the Crows’ own courts.  Nevertheless, it took a while for cour side to get used to the conditions and Andy Stone & Vince Brooks really had no answers against a strong home first pair, losing 3-6 2-6 against Nigel Truphet & Aman Layalria.  Mike Smith & Chris Beckingham found themselves 1-4 down against Peter Brogan & James Clubley but battled back to 5-5 only to lose the set 5-7.  The Crows’ pair kept fighting but lost the second set 4-6 and had to concede that the home side deserved to be 2-0 ahead.  It was a similar pattern in the second round, this time Stone & Brooks losing 4-6 5-7 and Smith & Beckingham losing 1-6 2-6.