Ladies’ 2 finish with a win against Bracknell

Crowthorne 2 v Bracknell 3 – by Alison Nicholson

The last match of the season for our second team was held at the Bank holiday weekend.  The weather was fantastic, bright blue sky and very warm, perfect tennis weather.  Alison Nicholson and Annie Atkins played as first pair and managed a good win against Bracknell’s first pair, Alison Hynes and Eve Jones, who played steadily and made no mistakes but once they were required to move, the consistency broke down and CTC’s pair won 3 and 4.

On the other court, Jenny Partridge and Wendy Miles, who were playing together for the first time in Wendy’s third match for the club, had a close match but lost 2-6 5-7.

So one rubber all at half time.

Against the second pair, Alison and Annie started slowly, going down 0-2 as they got used to the left hander Sarah Lawman, but then took the set 6-2 and the second set 6-1.  The final rubber was a longer match, with Wendy and Jenny taking the first set to 3 but then got a bit fatigued and the determination of the veteran Bracknell pair took over, and Bracknell won the second and third sets 4 and 1.

However CTC took the match on sets.  The results were 2 rubbers all, 5 sets to 4, 42 games to 38.

CTC Ladies 2 team look like they will be relegated, but considering the team was in danger of being disbanded due to lack of players as recently as June, it was great that all matches but one were completed.  Thanks to everyone who played in the team, and better luck next season!