Friday Club Night – 6 – 8pm
Tuesday Club Night 7 – 9pm

With a Friday Club Night from 6 – 8pm for “All except Beginners” having been a relative success with attendance increasing, a Tuesday Club Night for “Intermediate/Advanced” players started on 15th September from 7 – 9pm.

Places must be booked in advance and to do this you need to go to the Members’ Area where you’ll see a link to Friday Bookings or Tuesday Bookings under the Tuesday and Friday Club Night heading.   Enter your name and email address on the spreadsheet – it will automatically save them – to book your place.  If, having booked you are unable to attend, please remove your name and move the names below up – don’t worry if the borders move too as long as the names remain in the original order.  No changes after 9pm on the night before, please!

Courts are booked for 2 hours from the start time (18:00 on Fridays and 19:00 on Tuesdays) and you need to commit to arrive on time and stay for the full 2 hours.   Selections will then be confirmed on previous evening and you should click on the Selections link on morning of the club night to check if you have been selected. Players are selected on a first come first serve basis in multiples of 4 players so please do not turn up if you have not been selected as you will be turned away.  The session is designed so each player will mix with just 7 other players in irder to minimise risk of infection.  The selections will also show who your starting partner is and your court.   The aim of the administrator is to make matches balanced and fun but there are no guarantees as we may get it wrong sometimes!

  • The Session runs from 6pm to 8pm on Fridays or 7pm to 9pm on Tuesdays and you must commit to the full two hours.
  • Play is split into 3 rounds lasting 40 minutes each. Play 1 set with normal deuce scoring. If you finish early either carry on or mix in your 4.
  • At the end of the round the winners of the first set played move up a court, the losers move down a court (court 1 is the top court). Winners on the top court stay, as do the losers on the bottom court. If you didn’t finish your set then the pair winning at the time move up.
  • Pairs then split partners with the pair joining them and you play a second round.
  • Finally move and split as before for a third round.
  • The following rule will be applied at the discretion of the organiser in order to ensure more balanced fours…

If it’s a mixed doubles, at the end of the round, the players may spin to decide if the women or the men move up or down – this is to prevent 3 women + 1 man or 1 woman + 3 men, which is usually, although not always, unbalanced.

Please arrive a little before the start time and wait outside the Court 3/4 gate until your court is free and then go to your assigned court.  Please be vigilant in observing social distancing, especially when arriving at the courts and leaving at the end of play.

*We are grateful to Bracknell Tennis Club who have already successfully tried out this system on their Club Night.