CTC Fundraising – we’re on our way!

As you will have seen from your recent Newsletter, we’re one of 12 clubs nationwide  selected to take part in a 24-hour tennis marathon at Roehampton. This is part of Crowthorne Tennis Club’s fundraising effort for the new clubhouse and the first donations have already been made.

This is being done through a charity called Bright Ideas for Tennis which means your donations are eligible for Gift Aid.  It means that for every £10 you donate, the government adds another £2.50.

To find out more about this charity, click on http://www.brightideasfortennis.org/trustees.php .

To have a look at the latest Newsletter, click here…

As explained in the Newsletter, we need 8 volunteers for the tennis marathon and our designated slot in this event is on Sunday 18th February between 8am and midday.

We also need another volunteer to take part in a Sky Dive on Wednesday 28th February.

The successful candidates for the 24 hour marathon & the sky dive will be able to set up their own individual donations page so that they can receive donation updates and track their overall level of contributions to their fund raising goals.

To volunteer, please contact Club Chairman Richard McCully or click here to send him an email.

The volunteers will not be targetting club members for donations so we’ve already set up a page for members or, indeed anyone who wants to, to sponsor the volunteers collectively by making a donation now.

Click here to go to this donations page and see how we’re getting on – our target is a relatively modest £500 and we’re already well on our way to achieving that over 2 months ahead of the events.

You probably know that we have money committed to this project from club funds and that we have been promised a £25,000 load from the trust that runs our venue, St.Sebastians Playing Field Trust (SSPFT).  In addition, we are in the process of applying for additional funding from the Lawn Tennis Association.

Any additional funding in the way of donations or sponsorship will mean that we can spend a little more on the clubhouse to make it even better so please click here and make your donation.  It’s not a competition;  some of us will be able to afford more than others but every £1 will help.