Crows 2 miss out against Peppard

Our 2nd men’s team had a difficult trip to Peppard on Sunday to play the current Division 4 leaders.  Andy Sayer & Chris Torkington had no answer against the very strong home first pair, James Franklin & Simon Thorpe, losing 3-6 1-6, but Jim Hawes & Simon Pestell gave the Crows some hope by winning their first set 6-1 against second pair Anthony L’Anson & John Knight.  However, they were unable to maintain their pressure in the second set, losing it 2-6, although they did come back to win the deciding tie-break by a substantial margin, 10-3.   In the second round, the home second pair conceded after 3 games due to an injury, although it made little or no difference to the likely outcome, while Hawes & Pestell played really well in going down 1-6 3-6 against Franklin & Thorpe.  Although it was the first point the team had gained in 5 matches, Hawes & Pestell were left to rue their missed chances in dropping the second set against L’Anson & Knight which could have made the difference between 1 point and 2.