COVID Club Nights – Guide for administrators

Sarah Mayhew is currently administering the Friday Club Night and this is what she told us her role involves…

  • Couple of days beforehand I check the numbers and send out a reminder if necessary e.g. we need two more to make eight or whatever.
  • On the day before I put out another message on Whatsapp if we really need one more player etc.
  • Early Friday morning, I cut and paste the names into the Selection spreadsheet after moving last week’s selection down (for track & trace) and then make up the pairs.
  • I then send an email to everyone confirming who they are playing with and which court etc.
  • I then “reset” the booking spreadsheet ready for the following week.
  • I coordinate getting balls when required with Dom.

Who plays where and what happens after each 40 or 60 minute session is governed by these rules…

  • On the night the players start on the court and with the partner as designated on the Selection spreadsheet
  • After each round…
    • the winners move up a court and split (Court 1 is the top court)  – the winners on court 1 stay
    • the losers move down a court and split (the highest no. court in use is the bottom court) – the losers on the bottom court stay

NOTE that, if the Government tightens up on how many players can be in a group, we may have to revert to 2 60 minute rounds instead of 3 of 40 minutes.  This would reduce the number of players each member encounters on court from 7 to 5.