Use of courts 3 & 4

All 4 courts have now been washed.  The feedback from members has been that, although the courts look a bit scruffy, the foothold on courts 1 & 2 is now excellent and this should encourage you to please avoid using courts 3 & 4 as much as possible until after they are painted.  It’s important to avoid getting dirt onto the courts before then, so, please put the mat outside the gate and use it before stepping onto the court.   Put the mat back inside the court before locking the gate when you leave the club.

There are new mats at all entrances to the courts.  Please use them to clean your shoes before walking onto the courts.  Mud walked onto the courts encourages moss and will cause the surface to become slippery again so PLEASE USE THE MATS.

ALSO, please do not walk across the field.  USE THE PATH to avoid getting mud on your shoes and onto the courts.