Committee members needed

With just 8 on the committee including the head coach and team captains, we need members to join the committee in order to ensure seamless progression in the future as the older  members begin to take a back seat.  We also need representation from all sections of the adult membership, not just team players, so that the requirements of those who play on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are considered, not just those who play on Tuesdays and Thursdays and at the weekend in matches.  Currently we have no committee member representing the former group, one representing the afternoon players, and the rest in the latter group who have played, or still do play, in the teams.

The more committee members we have, the more jobs can be shared making it less of a burden for every individual.   We need to ensure that the future of the club is planned to fulfil the needs of those who have joined the club recently as well as for those who have been members for twenty years.

By joining the committee you would be committing to 8 or 9 meetings a year – at 7:45 usually on the first Monday in the month – although we don’t expect everyone to attend every meeting.  Being on the committee, you will see how the club is run, be able to contribute to making the club better and, maybe become confident enough to take over some of the main roles with the assurance that there is backup available while getting into the job.  What we don’t want is to find we suddenly need to fill an important position with no-one available immediately to take over.  This is why we need volunteers now, so that the smooth running of the club can be maintained without disruption.

Think of it as your contribution to the community.  This club was started by a small group who hired courts at Edgebarrow School.  All of those first members, many no longer with us, did their best to ensure the club would last and encouraged the younger members to take over and make it even more successful.  We need to continue this trend as those of us who took up the challenge 25 years ago think about slowing down by handing over some of the things we currently do.

Take a look at the Club Organisation page on the Home menu or by clicking here to see who does what and to see where you could possibly contribute in the future.

To discuss this further, please contact me by email or by phone (07949 591708).  Or contact any other committee members.

Many thanks,

Mike Smith
Club Honorary Secretary