Mixed Doubles

2020/21 Winter Handicap Mixed Doubles

All players in each group play the others in a Round Robin format.  The top two players in each group go through to the semi-finals.

The players above with an asterisk * need to arrange their game against the players below as soon as possible after the event starts.

The organiser has arranged the pairings to be as even as possible so there is no handicapping for the first round.  Then, the results will be reviewed to see if any pair needs a handicap.


  1. Play ‘normal’ tennis but with one sudden death deuce. If score is 40-40, there is then just one point to decide the game.  The receiver chooses who receives the serve.
  2. Players only have ONE serve each point throughout the tournament. The server gets a second attempt with a let serve only.
  3. When one pair reaches 6 games, they have won the set. That is, 6-5 is a winning score.
  4. Rubbers are two sets plus if necessary a championship tie-break to 10, if it is one set all.
  5. Round robins should be completed by w/c 14 Feb. The semi final knock out round should be played by w/c 7 March, and the final played by the end of March.   These dates will be adjusted depending on when we are able to start the event.
  6. The aim is simply to play mixed tennis. If someone can no longer play (injured for example) the Handicap committee reserves the right to substitute another player hopefully of a similar standard!
  7. The player with the asterisk should also provide a tube of new balls for that round.
  8. After the match please email the results to alinicholson@btinternet.com
  9. This is supposed to be fun, with the aim to simply play more mixed tennis, so no complaints allowed‼
  10. I suggest we communicate by email. One whatsapp group will be too confusing if everyone is trying to arrange their own matches.