Club Championships 2018

This year the tournament will feature the same events as the last 2 years, however Russell has rearranged the two Finals Days to ensure that most players will have their matches spread out better over the course of the summer.

Last year both Handicap event finals could not have been any closer – they both went down to a sudden death deciding point. If you played these events before and didn’t do too well, please don’t be put off as your handicaps will be easier next time around. If you haven’t played before, there were lots of close matches last year between players of all standards so please give the handicap events a try as anybody can beat anybody.

Click HERE to enter.  By the way, if you found the link to enter on-line didn’t work, it’s now been fixed so that’s the easiest way to enter.

You can do so in several ways but please read the rules and entry form carefully noting especially the rule regarding your availability on Finals Days which was changed a few years ago in the interest of encouraging more members to enter the tournament.  Obviously, if you think you have a good chance of reaching a final, it would be foolish to enter knowing you are unavailable on a Finals Day, unless you would be prepared to change your plans should you be successful. Nevertheless, with the best will in the world, emergencies, business commitments, etc., can sometimes mean that you are no longer available for the finals in which case you should refer to the attached rules for your course of action.

There is no entry fee; however, players will supply their own balls which must be a recognised brand suitable for matches. In round robin events, the players will be told who should bring the balls and they will keep them afterwards. In knockout rounds both players (both pairs in doubles) must arrive for each match with a new tube of 4 balls. The players will spin to decide which balls to use. In the knockout stages the losers will retain the balls used for the match and the winners will keep the unused balls. Balls may be obtained from Richard McCully at £4.50 a tube.

Entries must be received from paid-up members only including nominated juniors by midnight on Sunday 22nd April with the draw taking place on Tuesday 24th April. Late entries will be accepted only from new members joining after 24th April and after the draw only if (a) there are byes available in the first round / gaps in a round robin group and (b) no ties have been played in that competition, in which case a draw will decide which bye/gap will be replaced by the new member.

Entries will be posted on the club website when they have been received. Tournament rules are attached and are also available on the website.

All disputes will be resolved by a decision from the tournament organiser (Russell Finch) after discussion with members of the tournament committee.