BT Membership & Wimbledon Opt-In

Wimbledon 2017 – it’s Opt In time again!

Those of you who were club members last year will remember that we now all have to Opt in to the British Tennis Members’ Wimbledon Ballot every year. 

Our club’s ticket allocation depends on the number of our members who Opt In so please take time to go through the following steps.

  • If you are not already a member of British Tennis, please click on this link and join now.  Don’t forget to add Crowthorne Tennis Club as your tennis venue – you can have as many venues as you like if you’re a member of more than one club.  Because you’re a member of an LTA affiliated club, it costs you NOTHING.
  • Now, go to and Login (top RH corner)
  • You will see the following to the right of your name, user name and BTM No.
  • You’ll also see the message Expiry Date: 31/01/2017.  This will change once our Club Secretary has gone through the process of registering the club with the LTA for the next year.
  • Below the banner you’ll see the following
  • optinsubmit2017
  • Make sure Crowthorne Tennis Club is listed under YOUR VENUES, if it isn’t, add it by clicking on Add.
  • Please select the option I am opting in for the Wimbledon Ballot 2017.  If you select the other option you simply reduce the number of tickets that our club receives and reduce the number of our members who get the chance to go to Wimbledon.  So, regardless of whether you want to go to Wimbledon next year or not, please select the Opt In option and then click on SUBMIT.  We hold our own club ballot at the start of the new season in April and you will be able to choose whether or not to enter that ballot.
  • Once you have opted in the banner will change to…
  • optedin2017
  • …eventually changing again to…
  • optedin20172