Book a Court

To Register

You will receive an email from ClubSpark with a link to follow in order to register.  If you choose not to register, you will receive further emails the next time invitations are sent out, so it’s worth registering just to stop that happening.

If you find you can already make bookings, this will probably be because you once registered for an Open Day, so you probably won’t receive an email.  If you do receive an email, however, please follow the link and sign in instead of registering to ensure that the system database is synchronised.   Otherwise you will receive another email next time invitations are sent out.

If you can’t book and haven’t received or have lost the email, contact the Club Secretary and a new one will be sent.

OR just click on the BOOK A COURT button below and then click on Register – top right.

The easiest way to register is to do it via your LTA or social media account.  If you decide to register via ClubSpark directly, you need to use the same email address as you received the invitation email on.  If didn’t receive an email and you no longer monitor that email address, contact the Club Secretary and they’ll tell you.  Then, after registering, sign in and change to your new email address in “My account”.

PLEASE NOTE: For minis or juniors register to book a court, we need to have received details of your parent or guardian.


To Book a Court

  • Click on button above, Sign In and select Make a Booking.   Only Registered and Paid-up members will be able to Sign In and Make a Booking.
  • If you are a Registered and Paid-up member, you will see, say, “BOOK AT 11:30” when you hover over an available slot.
  • Members are able to…
    • Book up to 14 days ahead
    • Book up to 2 hours per booking
    • Make up to 2 bookings in any period of 7 days
  • Members with roles that require different booking permissions should contact the Club Secretary

To Cancel a Booking

  • Click on button above, Sign In and select My Bookings.  Click on Cancel against the booking you wish to cancel.
  • Please try not to keep making and cancelling bookings and, if you must cancel a booking, please do so at the earliest opportunity so that another member has a chance to use the court.

Administators’ Colour Key:

Members’ Bookings
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Adult Group Coaching
Junior Matches, Competitions & Practice
Ladies’ Matches & Events
Mens’ Matches & Events
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