2017 Club Championships – Check your entry

Please check your name is in the list for those events you have entered.

NOTE: Apart from the Veterans Doubles in which partners are assigned, if you entered a doubles event without a partner, you will have been teamed up with another player who entered without a partner.

Men’s Singles – Holder: James Brennan
James Brennan
Jon Blatchford
Andy Stone
Chris Hughes
Nick Hudson
David Smith
Simon Usher
Adrian Draffin
Chris Beckingham
Chris Torkington
Matt Paxton
Ben Grainger
Andy Sayer
Russell Finch
John Phillips

Ladies’ Singles – Holder: Lorraine Fowler
Annie Atkins
Lorraine Fowler
Tina Stern
Jenny Partridge

Men’s Doubles: Holders: James Brennan/Dom Evan-Hart
Dominic Evan-Hart / James Brennan
David Smith / Andy Sayer
Matt Paxton / Jon Blatchford
Chris Torkington / John Phillips
Russell Finch / Adrian Draffin
Mike Goddard / Ray Loades-Bannon
Simon Usher / Paul Gozzard
Andy Stone / Richard McCully
Jim Hawes / Anthony Hayes
Vince Brooks / David Stone
Chris Hughes / Ben Grainger
Steve Stow / Nick Hudson
Rob Hughes / Mike Smith
Peter Lindholm / Peter Cobau

Ladies’ Doubles – Holders: Ravinder Norman/Jenny Sheppard
Annie Atkins / Jenny Partridge
Lorraine Fowler / Tina Stern
Alison Nicholson / Pauline Snell
Ravinder Norman / Jenny Sheppard
Lyn Drew / Wendy Miles

Mixed Doubles – Holders: Ravinder Norman/David Smith
Ravinder Norman / David Smith
Jenny Sheppard / Dominic Evan-Hart
Tina Stern / Russell Finch
Annie Atkins / Steve Stow
Alison Nicholson / Mark Callaghan
Caroline Atkinson / Rob Hughes
Pauline Snell / Peter Lindholm
Jenny Partridge / Andy Stone
Lyn Drew / Ben Grainger

Handicap Singles – Holder: Chris Hughes
Dominic Evan-Hart
Russell Finch
Andy Stone
Chris Hughes
Mark Callaghan
Ben Grainger
Simon Usher
Steve Stow
Mike Smith
Will White
Tony Pillai
Lorraine Fowler
Andy Lewis
Shaun Hewitt
Annie Atkins
Tina Stern

Handicap Doubles – Holders: Mike Goddard/Ray Loades-Bannon
Andy Stone / Vince Brooks
Chris Beckingham / Matt Paxton
Jim Hawes / Mike Smith
David Smith / Brett Venter
Chris Hughes / Rob Hughes
Russell Finch / Ravinder Norman
Mike Goddard / Ray Loades-Bannon
Steve Stow / Tony Pillai
Simon Usher / Shaun Hewitt
Ben Stephenson / Will White
Lorraine Fowler / Andy Lewis
Mark Callaghan / Alison Nicholson
Tina Stern / Stuart Fowler
Annie Atkins / Jenny Partridge

Veterans Doubles – Holders: Adrian Draffin/Jenny Sheppard
Adrian Draffin
Jim Hawes
Vince Brooks
Mike Smith
Paul Gozzard
Rob Hughes
Mark Callaghan
Steve Stow
Ray Loades Bannon
Ravinder Norman
Annie Atkins
Pauline Snell
Phil Linturn
Caroline Atkinson
Alison Nicholson
Jenny Partridge

Finals for the new events will be on Sunday 9th July,  those for the traditional events on Saturday 23rd September, both starting at 10:00am.

The draw takes place on Tuesday 25th April.

If there’s anything wrong with your entry, please email me on results@crowthornetennisclub.co.uk by 6pm on Tuesday 25th April.


Russell Finch
Tournament Organiser

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