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Subscription Calculator 2017/18

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Ages are those at 1st April.     ** Affinity Membership - see below




The total amount from the calculator includes Family discounts and Pro-Rata discounts for those joining after July.


A discount is also usually available for new members joining at one of our Open Days - See News & Events for details.


Monthly Payment Options

If the total is £100 or over, subscriptions may be paid in 3 equal monthly payments. and if the total is £300 or over, subscriptions may be paid in 6 equal monthly payments. There is no penalty for paying this way except that each payment is rounded up to the nearest £1. The first payment is made in the month of joining, the second the month after and so on. Payments may be made by 3 (6) electronic transfers, with 2 (5) post-dated, 3 (6) cheques, with 2 (5) post-dated, or with 3 (6) standing orders. Note that a single payment does not qualify for 4 (2) months' membership, it is merely a part payment for membership for the remainder of the season.


This method of payment is not available for new members joining in the last 3 months (Jan/Feb/Mar) of the season, in the case of three payments, or after September, in the case of six payments, although in the latter case, the three payment option will still be available if joining before the end of December.


Private Voluntary Donations

Following a request by several members, the Club is now happy to receive Private Voluntary Donations. It must be stressed that these donations are voluntary and remain private between the member donating and the club treasurer and will be used to improve the facilities at the club sooner than would otherwise be possible.


You may include your donation with your annual subscription (details of how to do this are on the reverse of the Application Form) or at any time during the year. Please ensure that, whichever payment method you use, the treasurer is aware of the amount of the donation and your name.


Court Keys & Barrier Fobs

A court key is available for a £5 deposit and a key to the clubhouse for a £10 deposit (adults only). For Minis, keys to the courts are the total responsibility of the parents. Access to the St. Sebastians Pavilion toilets and showers is available via a combination number and, sometimes, a Chubb key; details of these are provided to members on joining.


Although the car park barrier is raised during weekday evenings and most of the weekend, if you do find that, at the time you wish to play the barrier is down, a fob is available for a £5 deposit. The barrier timings are in the Members' Area.

Crowthorne Tennis Club's season starts on April 1st and ends on March 31st. Discounts are available for Family groups and for new members joining after July.


All memberships include play at the weekends whenever the courts are not in use for coaching or league matches.


Senior Membership

There are two options for senior membership:
Full Senior Membership
- Includes cost of floodlights and play after 6:00pm Monday to Friday.
Off Peak Senior Membership
- Does not include the cost of floodlights or play after 6:00pm Monday to Friday.


Off Peak Senior Members who wish to play after 6:00pm Monday to Friday are charged a concessionary rate of £1, plus £1 if the floodlights are used, however, members who expect to play mainly at these times are expected to pay for Full Senior Membership.


Student/Under 25 Membership

This is for any student over 18 in Full Time Education and also for any young person between the ages of 19 and 24 on 1st April.


Junior Membership

Junior Members who attain a sufficient level of play may be selected to Nominated Junior status with no extra subscription cost.


Student/U25 members and Nominated Juniors have the same rights as Full Senior Members except that Nominated Juniors are not able to attend General Meetings.


Mini Membership

Minis are not be permitted onto the courts unless either one of their parents or a senior club member is present and accepts full responsibility.


Associate Membership

Associate Membership is intended for those who want to be a member of the club but do not or no longer wish to play tennis. It is intended for parents of junior or mini members, spouses or partners of members or ex-playing members who wish to play a part in the running of the club. Associate members may attend General Meetings and may sit on the Management Committee but do not have a vote. It is available for the nominal subscription of £15.


NOTE: Associate Membership is a non-playing membership; it is not for parents of junior or mini members who wish to play with their children - the off-peak membership is available for this purpose.



Members' guests are welcome. We operate an honesty policy with respect to visitors' fees. The accompanying member should collect a £2 fee for each visit and give it to a committee member at their earliest opportunity or put it in the Post Box on the Clubhouse in an envelope with the details written on it. Unless details are written on the envelope or in the Visitors' Book; the visitor will not be covered by the LTA's Liability Insurance scheme.


Due to insurance restrictions, guests are limited to three visits. After this time a visitor is expected to become a paid-up member of the club. See Health & Safety for further information.


NEW ! Affinity Membership

Affinity Membership was new last year and is a special rate offered to those associated with St.Sebastins Primary School or any of the St. Sebastians Playing Field Trust sports clubs. To qualify, you must provide documentary evidence that you are...

(a) a pupil or member of staff at St.Sebastians Primary School

(b) a family member of a pupil or member of staff at St.Sebastians Primary School

(c) a member of one of the St. Sebastians Playing Field Trust sports clubs

(d) a family member of a member of one of the St. Sebastians Playing Field Trust sports clubs


A substantial discount is available in the first season of membership with a smaller discount for subsequent seasons.


NOTE that Off-peak Senior Membership is not available with the Affinity Membership discount, only Full Memberships.