Playing Times


Click on the right for the Weekly Timetable. However, it is advisable to check on the Club Calendar for current details. Please see 'Club Sessions' if you are unsure as to which sessions will suit your current skill level.


To ensure all members get the maximum opportunity to use the courts, we had to introduce a few rules and these are clarified here. A few years ago we introduced two types of senior membership, Full Senior and Off Peak. Full Senior Members pay a higher subscription for the privilege of playing at Peak Times (after 6pm on weekdays) and including the cost of floodlights. Nominated Juniors are also permitted to play after 6pm on weekdays so that they can improve their game by playing against adults.


Outside the times shown in the Weekly Timetable, members can use the courts unless already occupied. Juniors have priority on weekdays from 4:00 - 6:00 and only Full Senior Members and Nominated Juniors are permitted to play on weekdays after 6pm.


Can I book a court at other times?

Outside of organised tennis session and match times (see Club Calendar) and with due regard to the weekday rules above, the courts are are available on a first-come-first served basis. However, there is an online court booking system, which was originally instigated so that members could book their annual Club Tournament matches. The booking system can also be used for other internal matches such as the singles league etc. Note that courts are normally available for such matches from 9pm on weekday evenings with floodlights available up to 11pm.



Club Sessions
Club Sessions are those times when there will normally be a committee member or senior club member present to organise the players into sets. Members can just turn up during these times and can mix in and get a game without having to make prior arrangements. It is at these regular, organised sessions that the majority of members play their tennis. Note that Off-peak Senior Members are charged £1 to play on weekdays after 6pm.


What is the standard of a Club Session?
Since the club started accepting beginners and less competent adult players as full members in 2001, membership has risen annually. As a consequence, the range of abilities has widened considerably. In order to cater for the increase in members wishing to play in Club Sessions, there are now five adult club sessions each week plus the Thursday match practice session (see below). It is important, for the club to run smoothly and that members understand the need to try to attend the right sessions, both to spread out the attendance across the sessions and to ensure that all of those attending have a rewarding experience.


Please see 'Club Sessions' for a more detailed explanation of the standard of the various club sessions.



Floodlit club sessions (Monday - Friday) are free for Full Senior Members but Off-peak Senior Members are charged a fixed rate of £1 plus the £1 for playing after 6pm. The lights may be switched on using the controls in the clubhouse.




Where matches are indicated, refer to the Club Calendar (top-right) to see if it is a home match and, if so, when it starts and how many courts are taken up. The club tries to ensure that courts are available for general play but sometimes it's not possible?


Note: Adult AEGON matches require all 4 courts for the first 1½ - 2 hours, thereafter 2 courts. Junior matches require 2 courts for the first 1½ hours, thereafter 1 court. Other matches require 2 courts for the duration of the match (2½ - 3 hours).