Team Tennis Berkshire

(formerly AEGON Team Tennis)



Team Tennis 2017

The 1st team finds itself in Division 3 this year despite having finished 3rd in Division 2 Group A in 2016. The Divisons are now called 2, 3, 4 and 5A,B and C instead of the previous 2A, 2B, 2C(a) and 2C(b). A 2nd team has been entered this year and they will start at the bottom of the league in Division 5C.


Link to: Mens Team Tennis 1

Link to: Mens Team Tennis 2


Matches are normally on Sunday mornings at 10:00, the team of four playing 4 singles rubbers followed by 2 rubbers of doubles. Rubbers are the best of 3 tie-break sets and, if the score is 3 rubbers all, a tie-break shootout is played. Two points are scored for each rubber won and one is scored by the winner of the shootout.

Who plays who is determined by the Player Ratings of the team members.

The Team Tennis match results can also be found on the Club Calendar.

Tie-break Shootout

A tie-break shoot-out consists of two singles tiebreaks (to 10 points, with 2 clear) played at the same time followed by a doubles tie-break if necessary. No player may play in more than one tiebreak. Players are to be nominated as follows:

Tie-break 1 (Singles): One of the original players from the 1st/2nd singles rubbers.
Tie-break 2 (Singles): One of the original players from the 3rd/4th singles rubbers.
Tie-break 3 (Doubles): A pairing comprising any two of the other players who have played in the match.


Team Tennis 2016 Round-up

Final league tables & results for 2016


The 1st team finished 3rd in Division 2A with clear wins against Bisham 2, BCS 2 and Newbury, the latter subsequently withdrawing from the division. Despite the somewhat draconian rules in this competition that do not allow postponements and the penalty for conceeding a match is to have all previous results deleted and to be relegated, it was decided we would enter a second team in the 2017 competition to give a chance for more players to play competitive singles.


Link to: Mens Aegon 1st Team


Note that you must be a British Tennis member and you must have a Player Rating to play in the Team Tennis competition.