Court Booking System - Help


How to Register

You can look at the bookings without logging in but you can't make a booking unless you log in. When you hit the Log in button you will be asked for a name and password. If you have not yet registered you must click on username request form and then complete and submit the form that appears. You must use the Name by which you are known at Crowthorne Tennis Club, e.g. John McEnroe, not a made up user name. You will be issued with a password in due course, but please note that this is a manual process so don't expect an immediate response; it might take a few days or even longer if the administrator is on holiday! Having got your password, you may then change it to make your booking more secure.


How to Book

To look at the bookings you can choose a day and select Day View which shows the bookings for all 4 courts for that day. Or you can select Week View and choose a court to see all of the bookings for that court for the whole week.

To book a court you click on the plus sign in the booking form for the court you want to book and the time you want to start. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to do so. This takes you to a form where you can enter all of the details of your booking. You should not book longer than 2 hours for a private booking; if you do you will probably find the administrator has edited or even deleted your booking! Persistent offenders will have their name and password removed!

Name of booker shows your name automatically.

Details, although optional, should be filled in to show what the court has been booked for, such as Private Coaching, Singles Box League Match v CT, Club Tournament Mixed v AF/EP, etc.

You will normally set the Type of booking to Member, however, team captains may sometimes want to book courts for matches, in which case use Club, and the coach may want to book a court for coaching and should set Type to Lesson.


PLEASE NOTE: League Matches will always take precedence over private bookings and bookings for lessons, so please check the club Calendar if you want to book a court at times when matches take place (Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings). Be aware that sometimes a match will be rearranged close to the date and will not have appeared on the Calendar or the booking system. The match will take precedence over any other bookings for that time. Matches are shown in the booking system from the start time of the match and for a particular duration. Do not book a court for the 1/2 hour before a match, when the players will be warming up. Also, matches sometimes last longer than the time for which the courts are booked and again the match will take precedence.

AND FINALLY! Please try not to book a court and then not use it as you may be preventing others from playing.

Check your cookie settings!

If it just doesn't accept your log-in details, it could be your cookie settings. Please note that you need to have session (temporary) cookies enabled in your Internet browser. Cookies are small files used by websites to store information on your computer (such as automatic login information and site preferences). This information can only be stored if you provide it - websites cannot gain access to information you didn't provide to them, and they can't access other files on your computer. Session cookies are typically used by financial sites and are deleted when you exit from your browser. They are 1st party cookies, that is ones from the site you are looking at, as opposed to 3rd party cookies which can come from other sites. To control which cookies your browser blocks or accepts, the following settings allow our booking system to work...

In Internet Explorer, select Internet Options from the Tools menu and click on the privacy tab. The default setting is Medium which blocks the cookies we need. Either change it to Low or click on Advanced and ...
Check Override automatic cookie handling
Block First-party cookies
Block Third-party cookies
Check Always allow session cookies
Click OK
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In Mozilla Firefox, Select Options from the Tools menu and click Privacy button. In the Cookies panel ...
Check Accept cookies from sites
Uncheck accept third-party cookies (optional)
Select Keep Until I close Firefox
Click OK

Other browsers will have similar options that can be set appropriately.